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Few good questions...

Having found a GURU in my life, it has undergone a lot of changes. Over the last one year, I have been listening to knowledge, doing service and loved being in satsang. Listening to knowledge from Guruji has been completely irresistible always. Some questions came up in me and I am waiting for the answers...

P.S - I am using the word 'we' since I have observed this happen with almost everyone.

1. We listen to some knowledge and we understand it to a certain extent. We listen to it again say after 6 months and something clicks. We seem to understand a wee bit more than the last time. Yes? Why does this happen? What change has our conciousness undergone in those 6 months? Has it gained something or has it lost?

2. It is said there is only one conciousness and all of us being a part of it. But then why does someone understand more/less than you after listening to the same knowledge? In this case is there any difference in the conciousness between us?

Any answers?


The name says it all. Watch it here.

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