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Seva or Job

In the last one and half years with Art of Living, I have been involved in Seva. Be it of any kind - getting registrations, organizing talks, arranging the venue, transport and others. Initially I did it for the fun aspect. But as I got involved more and more, my mind started demanding attention and respect. "I have done so much, but this person X is not doing anything" - is a common phrase that pops up in my mind probably the words are different but the underlying feeling is the same.

Recently I asked myself this question - What exactly is happening? or more precisely - Why am I doing this? Apart from all the 'philosophical' answers, I was left out with only one reason - I was expecting something from all of this!!! OMG! Such a big mistake!! It was just becoming like another job!

I realized that Seva should happen because 'I am happy and contented' and not because 'I will get something out of it'. If I do anything from the space of happiness, it doesn't affect me if the other person is doing or not or if the results turn out to be good or not.

I believe this is a very important lesson in my life.

I want you all to look back and ask yourself this question - Are you doing seva or just another job?

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